The U Experience is bringing currently enrolled university students together on a single campus This Spring.

We're creating a community for 150 young adults whose courses have moved online.

What Others are saying

“A lavish online learning experience and level of comfort that far exceeds any dorm”


“It’s either the Tesla, Apple, Google model of education, or it’s Firefly Festival”


“Wow, that does sound a lot better than a regular dorm room”


“An idea to ‘unbundle’ the college experience from physical colleges”


We believe that college is so much more than online classes.

College is the place where young adults learn to navigate new environments with peers from all walks of life.

What we're going to do

The U Experience is a private company bringing currently enrolled university students together on a single campus, providing a community for students whose courses have moved online and would otherwise be taking them at home. With safety in mind, we’re creating a bubble where college students can come to live out the college experience with total peace of mind.

How we're going to do it

Unbundling the college experience is no small task. There’s a reason no one has tried this, but we believe it’s now possible for the very first time. We are partnering with hospitality industry experts to identify our ideal location, and our campus will operate according to a rigorous safety protocol. We’ve ironed out the plan, and all it needs is U.

Why we're doing it

We believe that the price of college has made it inaccessible and unsustainable in its current form. It no longer makes sense. If college is just about learning, and technology has made information so inexpensive, then why has the price of a college degree skyrocketed? What are you paying for? The student debt crisis gives us 1.5 trillion reasons to champion a solution.

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Spring 2021 Press Release

LOS ANGELES—October 6, 2020—The U Experience, the innovative new company offering students a safe, contained, and fun way to experience college during the pandemic, today


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Friendships formed in college are for life. That’s why The U Experience exists: to provide students with a better, safer alternative to regular campus life,


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We would like to begin by thanking the Graduate Fayetteville and the Park Shore Waikiki for working with us throughout this process. We are a


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We want your semester at The U Experience to be the best of your college career. Taking your online courses at home or at a


For Communities

Communities pull together in unsettling times to help each other weather storms. At its core, The U Experience is a community building platform. Our philosophy