For Communities

For Communities

Communities pull together in unsettling times to help each other weather storms. At its core, The U Experience is a community building platform. Our philosophy is that communities can only be improved when every member is embraced and lifted so that they are individually empowered to embrace and lift others.

While our primary objective is to embrace and lift members of college communities, we see this as an opportunity extending far beyond those boundaries. In bringing together 150 intelligent, hard-working, driven students, we are creating the opportunity for our student collective to positively impact the larger surrounding community. The U Experience joins the neighborhood not only with a sense of great appreciation and respect, but also with a feeling of hopeful anticipation. We recognize that we all benefit from a thriving local economy, and we look forward to doing our part to contribute to the betterment of local businesses during these difficult times. We will locally source our sustainable needs, we will hire from the community for positions in service, security, and management, and we will partner with local professionals and artists to engage our students in the regional culture. We expect our students to finish their semester with an enriched appreciation for the community that supported it.

The safety or our student population is also paramount. Our students will be required to follow strict safety protocols to keep themselves and the community at large safe during the COVID pandemic. We encourage all community stakeholders to read through The U Experience Student Handbook to gain a better understanding of how we plan to keep them and our students safe. By adhering to these guidelines, our student residents will serve as a strong and informed force in the community’s ongoing fight against the COVID pandemic.

As we begin this community partnership, we want you to know that The U Experience is you. We are aligned with you, and we are here for you. By bringing positive attention and valuable business to our chosen community, we hope to build a mutually beneficial partnership that supports the goals and growth of both the community at large and the student residents of The U Experience.

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  • Darlene Jones Reply

    Hi! I am a disabled widow and Grandmother from the Treme’, in New Orleans, LA. I dont kno a THING about investments, but I read your Business Insider article and think this is SUCH a GREAT IDEA! And yall have REALLY put in the sacrifice & work to make your dream a reality. I read that you guys were funding this from your own savings, and I wondered if u took small investments, like $500, toward makin it happen! BELIEVE me, I KNO, just because you went to Princeton, doesn’t make you RICH! If you don’t, I understand, for sure. In any case, I wish you ALL the BEST! For students in the FIRST SEMESTER…PLEASE remember, you are the FIRST, and SHIT HAPPENS! Come prepared to not only learn, but to roll with the punches of the growing pains that WILL COME with being the FIRST! BIGHUG

    August 7, 2020 at 5:46 pm

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