Our program focuses on containment first, to prevent COVID-19 from ever entering out campus. By testing students before they set foot on campus and eliminating all direct interaction with those outside our bubble, we eliminate many possible vectors of transmission. We do not allow our students to leave campus except in specially sanctioned cases where they will not be in contact with anyone from the broader community. The NBA bubble has used similar containment measures to protect their athletes, and they’ve tallied zero cases. Second, our robust testing and tracing protocol, designed in collaboration with Veritas Testing, provides high levels of confidence that any unavoidable exposure will be quickly identified and isolated to prevent potential outbreaks. Our official COVID-19 Testing and Mitigation Strategy is available at https://www.theuexperience.com/covid

We see our relationship to students as a social contract. We provide everything they could possibly need, from meals and deliveries to fitness and social activities, and, in exchange, they agree to remain on campus, lest they lose the opportunity and be asked to return home. Acceptance into our program is a privilege, not a right, and any student behavior that endangers our community will not be tolerated. In extenuating circumstances, we have the capacity to quarantine and test any student who may incidentally have been exposed to outside contact.

While we do believe the program cost more than exceeds the value students will derive from it, we also recognize that our price is inaccessible to many. That’s why we started the UE Need-Based Scholarship Fund. We believe in the importance of the college experience, and we want to make it accessible to as many students as possible. We encourage any student, regardless of financial status, to apply, and we will accept as many scholarship applicants as we can afford to. If we garner sufficient interest in our scholarship program, we are prepared to open a second, more economical campus.

Apply as a group! The U Experience is all about meeting new people, but we want to preserve the social ties you’ve cultivated in college thus far. Bring them with you!

If you’re a student or parent and still have unanswered questions, please let us know!

You can reach us via email at pr@theuexperience.com to set up a call.