Group Applications

Group Applications

Friendships formed in college are for life. That’s why The U Experience exists: to provide students with a better, safer alternative to regular campus life, so they can continue building the connections with peers that are so critical to personal development. As colleges continue to demonstrate their unpreparedness for the pandemic and students stare down the barrel of another semester at their childhood homes, we stand ready to offer a third path.

Right now, many students who are hoping to preserve the social ties they’ve worked so hard to build believe that small group options, like Airbnbs, might be their saving grace, but this too poses a few challenges. First of which is that Airbnb has already banned “party houses.” Second, those students are still exposing themselves and their communities to coronavirus every time they pick up groceries or go out to eat and drink. Students who move in with small groups are still compromising in a big way, and many will go stir crazy within weeks if they don’t have the opportunity to go out and meet new people. While college students do spend most of their time with smaller, core groups of friends, the value of the college experience extends far beyond roommates or Greek life. College is the time when students should develop their interpersonal skills and grow beyond their traditional comfort zone. That’s why we’re excited to announce our group application.

Students who would otherwise be trying to extract a small taste of their former college experience by moving in with a few friends now have a better option: bring the entire squad to a bought-out resort campus with over 100 other students they’ve never met. We expressly encourage group applicants, so much so that we are offering a temporary 5% discount for all groups of 3 or more.

We all have friends at different universities, and wouldn’t it be nice to spend a semester or two in the same physical space? At The U Experience, students can expand their networks far beyond their university and collaborate with bright, like-minded individuals from all across the country. The onset of e-learning has afforded students the opportunity to do this, and we’re here to ensure that this trend continues long after the pandemic.

As colleges go online, we are entering a new era of e-learning, which we believe is here to stay, not only because of its efficacy in delivering high quality education in a cheaper more sustainable format, but because it comes packaged in the most liberating way. If you could study anywhere, why wouldn’t you?

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