How We’re Going to Do It

How We’re Going to Do It

Unbundling the college experience is no small task. There’s a reason no one has tried this, but we believe it’s now possible for the very first time. We are partnering with hospitality industry experts to identify our ideal location, and our campus will operate according to a rigorous safety protocol. We’ve ironed out the plan, and all it needs to succeed is U.

This year, every industry has been challenged to make safety a top priority, we are taking every necessary step to present students with the safest possible environment. From physical safety to mental health, the problems we’re working hard to tackle are many of the same faced by universities. In 2020, this will require even more efficient and expansive solutions than any university has been able to offer. Our team has engaged in thorough planning with the objective of not only recreating but completely reimagining the college experience, so that we can deliver something novel.

By recognizing that the hospitality industry is in much need of support, we have identified an entirely new way of filling vacant space that provides value for everyone involved. The mechanics of this process are novel and disruptive, so we are partnering with an established hospitality company to ensure that student needs and comforts are satisfied. Candidate locations are currently bidding for the opportunity to host The U Experience, and our team will select a location with consideration for the preferences of accepted students. Current negotiations are confidential but will be publicly released when final bids are ready for presentation.

To manage and mitigate health risks, we’re working carefully with local communities to keep everyone safe. The campus bubble will function as a closed ecosystem, and we’ll make sure students have everything they need to comfortably have the experience of their lives. After initial testing, our students will adhere to robust safety protocols that ensure the entire community can stay worry-free. This will include details regarding access to medical services and mental health counseling. Our official health protocol will be released later this summer.

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