For Students

For Students

You worked hard your entire life to get accepted to the college of your dreams and you deserve a college experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. These four years will be the only four of your life during which you will have the luxury of interacting exclusively with students of your own age from across the country and world. It is a community-building exercise that will remain with you forever. As colleges move online-only this fall, their students are being let down.

At The U Experience, we refuse to stand by and watch this happen. The Experience is too valuable. So we are bringing it offline.

We are gathering together 150 students from universities across the country into a bubble where they can live out the college experience to its fullest with total peace of mind. From private bedrooms and bathrooms to unlimited WiFi, 24/7 gym access, study lounges, event halls, a full restaurant and bar, outdoor pool, and all the coffee you could ever need, we are providing access to every amenity an e-student needs to succeed without compromising on fun. Campus clubs, guest speakers, rec sports, and study groups will offer ample opportunity for study breaks.

Applicants will be vetted for social excitement, creative individuality, and a desire to build a diverse network of friends from universities and backgrounds that would never have otherwise crossed paths. We are bringing together the best of college greek life, dorm culture, and study abroad, then distilling them down to their purest, most inclusive forms. Weekly social events, guest speakers, and off-campus excursions will make our “bubble” feel like an entire world. Apply solo to meet 149 other new students, or apply with a group of friends who you’d like to share the Experience with. Choose fun this semester.

While we are doing our best to provide an outline of everything The U Experience has to offer, what we’ve laid out here is only the bare minimum. Truth be told, we want it to be much, much more than that, and we want the students attending to play an active part in defining The U Experience and setting its course for subsequent semesters. Students’ voices will be heard, and we will do everything within our power to make this experience one that you will never want to stop talking about. If that ends up being the case, we both win.

Although the full scope of The U Experience is left somewhat undefined, and we are hesitant to impose too much structure at the expense of flexibility, we hope that you will embrace that uncertainty. We hope you lean into it and step boldly into the uncharted territory we here at The U Experience are creating. 

It is an experiment, foremost, and we hope it will demonstrate that we can change the way traditional college operates. 

That said, it is a safe one. We’ve outlined extensive guidelines and safety protocols in our Student Rights & Responsibilities document. 

It is also a promising one. We have locked down locations with full amenities, arranged for all imaginable student wants and needs, and have engaged local communities in the areas surrounding our campuses to help. 

But most of all, it is a rare one. This is a never-before-possible opportunity, and only a select few will even find out about it before our applications are closed, let alone receive an offer for admission. The fact that you are here, reading this, right now means that you are one of the lucky few who will hear about this experiment before it begins—because everyone will hear about it after. 

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