What We’re Going to Do

What We’re Going to Do

The U Experience is a private company bringing currently enrolled university students together on a single campus, providing a community for students whose courses have moved online and would otherwise be taking them at home. With safety in mind, we’re creating a bubble where college students can come to live out the college experience with total peace of mind.

Traditional college bundles experience, education, and a degree into a single price tag. This takes away the student’s ability to pay for only what they want. Remember when you could only buy internet in a bundle with phone and cable? We are disrupting higher education by unbundling “college” so the value of the experience can be contemplated and purchased separately

We believe that the “online-only” option being presented for the fall 2020 semester allows for something unprecedented. A student’s choice of environment is now limited only by internet access. Students making progress toward their degree at one institution may wish to have the kind of non-academic experience that another university has to offer. Think “Harvard education meets University of Hawaii campus.” The U Experience is creating a community where students are able to mix and match the college education with the college experience of their choice. This semester, they will no longer have to choose between a degree and an experience.

Millions of students have chosen to spend a portion of their college experience in study abroad programs where they get to interact with other students from around the world in new environments. In a similar way, The U Experience presents a unique opportunity for students to make this fall an experience that they remember and talk about forever, while still making progress toward their academic goals.

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