Why We’re Doing It

Why We’re Doing It

We believe that the price of college has made it inaccessible and unsustainable in its current form. It no longer makes sense. If college is just about learning, and technology has made information so inexpensive, then why has the price of a college degree skyrocketed? What are you paying for? The student debt crisis gives us 1.5 trillion reasons to champion a solution.

Education is of fundamental importance in a fast paced, constantly changing world. Our dream is to make a college education accessible to everyone, regardless of income. When the price of an education is bid up by those who are willing to pay anything for the credentials and experience, this is impossible. By unbundling, we’ll change that dynamic in a way that uplifts everyone.

Preparing oneself for the challenges of the workplace and developing one’s creative potential through learning produces constructive members of society. Similarly, the experience of living in a community of young adults during this formative period is of fundamental importance to developing and calibrating the social skills needed to succeed.

Universities have monopolized these very important and very replicable elements with a name-branded degree, holding upward mobility hostage. Under the guise of education, they use their prestige to selectively grant employment credentials for a price. If Harvard can offer its education online to its students, why can’t everyone have access? We think such institutions generate value by selectively granting credentials, but access to education should not be granted selectively. Bundling these together unfairly restricts valuable education to a few.

The real value of a degree is obscured when it’s tied to the experience. We believe that by showcasing how a college experience can be had independently, we move the public one step closer to understanding the real value of college by isolating its parts, liberating knowledge rather than holding it for ransom.

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